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I’m Dan and I graduated from VCU, majoring in Creative Advertising.  This is my “About Me Page”, or where I write things about myself.  Like if I were the “beef brisket-eating, chili spaghetti-eating, corned beef and cabbage sandwich-eating Champion of the World who once ate his way out of a pool of Jello”, I would write that here.

Here are some fun facts about myself:

1. I was a contestant on season 14 of Big Brother and my parents were contestants on The Marriage Ref.  (Not really, but how would anyone know? Not a single person has ever watched those shows)

2. My cousin’s friend’s Uncle Fred’s neighbor is Tony Shalhoub aka “Monk.” (You can’t make this stuff up, but in this case I did)

3. I used the phrases “G Double-O D” before KFC and “That’s G” before Gatorade, not to brag or anything. (Unfortunately true)

4. My little brother was the E-Trade baby until he got too greedy about the number of naps specified in his contract.  (Not true, I don’t have a brother.  You shouldn’t always believe what you read on the Internet)

Some other stuff:

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