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Stuff I Found Funny A Week Ago (9)

Here’s some stuff that was funny last week.

(Now with embedded videos because I finally know how to embed videos now.)

  • Tracy Morgan is hunting for Big Foot.  Too bad he’s not hunting for Big Chin, who he was sitting right next to (here). 
  • What is it, 2004? Napoleon Dynamite was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (here).
  • Portlandia is back on, and still funny (here).
  • Delocated is finally coming back and it’s finally going to be on DVD:
  • Eastbound & Down’s going to be set in Myrtle Beach this year, which sounds pretty funny if you’ve ever been to Myrtle Beach:
  • Tim Meadows on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:
  • Will Arnett’s on like 10 different shows, plus he’s on Letterman:
  • Tina Fey on Letterman:
  • Mindy Kaling on Conan (here).
  • David Cross takes forever to set up a clip on Conan (here).
  • Jake Fogelnest’s hateful recap of Work It (here).
  • Paul Rudd on Parks and Rec is perfect.  Try saying that 10 times in a row (here).
  • David Letterman’s been tweeting.  Just look for the tweets that make no sense and those will be the ones he wrote (here).
  • My Blog! Hiyoooo!!!
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