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Trump Addresses Your Main Hurricane Related Concern - The 13th Season Of Celebrity Apprentice


I know that when everyone heard that Hurricane Sandy was coming, their first thought was, “I really hope this doesn’t effect Celebrity Apprentice.”  I’m also sure that when everyone read the articles about bodies of children and elderly people being found, their first thought was “Why won’t Trump hurry up and tell us how this storm will effect Celebrity Apprentice already?”  Well, in between tweets insulting the President for helping those effected by Hurricane Sandy, he FINALLY tweeted about how this storm will effect the 13th season of Celebrity Apprentice: The filming will be adjusted.

DON’T WORRY EVERYONE!  Everything is going to be okay.  CALM DOWN!  He tweeted that all the mega-celebrities like Dennis Rodman and Bret Michaels are going to be okay.  Sure, people may have died horrific deaths, but wouldn’t they want you to carry on their memory by watching Celebrity Apprentice, March 3rd at 9/8c on NBC? I think a dose of Gary Busey and Stephen Baldwin is what everyone needs during these trying times. 

"All-Star Celebrity Apprentice- It’s Going To Be Huge, Like My Ego."

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