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History repeats itself, McDonald's coffee edition.


  • 1994 A jury awarded $2.9 million to a woman who suffered third-degree burns after spilling a cup of hot coffee purchased from a McDonald’s in Albuquerque, NM. The ruling drew global media attention, and ultimately lead McDonald’s to begin printing a warning on all its coffee cups going forward.
  • 2014 A California resident is clearly hoping history will repeat itself, having filed suit against the burger franchise after spilling a cup of coffee she purchased at the McDonald’s on Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles. Thursday’s filing doesn’t include any specific information on the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries, but does claim the lid for the woman’s coffee cup was “negligently, carelessly and improperly” attached. Anybody think this will work?

This sounds like Jackie Chiles from “Seinfeld” is the lawyer. “Who told you to put the lid on? Did I tell you to put the lid on?  That lid was put on negligently, carelessly, improperly, outrageously, egregiously, preposterously!”


What Would Be The Greatest, Possibly Dumbest, Video On The Internet

If I knew how to edit videos, I would make a video that has all the scenes in Twin Peaks where characters drink coffee and then cut to Alec Baldwin yelling “PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN!”

So just play these two videos back to back:

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