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Tired Of Being Killed In Ratings, “Anger Management” May Hire Actual Killer


Congrats to FX, they finally found a way to get me to watch Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management.  When it premiered, I was like “I’ll watch that when pigs fly and OJ Simpson guest stars!”  Cut to today when the rumor is that OJ Simpson is guest starring on Anger Management and a pig is flying in that Geico commercial. 

Based on an article I just read, somebody associated with Simpson says the show’s executives want him to guest star but some other person associated with FX says it will never happen.  That means it’s happening!  Anytime a company denies something, that means it is definitely happening.  Set your DVRs (I don’t have one, can I come over?)

Imagine the insanity of a set with Charlie Sheen and OJ Simpson.  Of course I’m tuning in.  Throw Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes in the episode too, maybe get the Royal Baby.  The entire studio audience would be TMZ employees, and I bet that somehow there would be less behind-the-scenes drama than on Community.  And OJ is “innocent,” right?  I mean, he is legally required to use quotes around the word “innocent,” but why should that or being in prison stop him from being on a terrible TV show? 

FX needs me to be watching their channel.  I watch just about all of their shows and now they’re taking half of them and putting them on a new channel, FXX.  Of course I won’t get FXX on my cable subscription.  So that leaves me with the option of paying more money for the exact same content.  Not happening.  That’s how they reward me for watching Always Sunny In Philadelphia for eight years, even since season one when nobody was watching.  I guess I’ll wait for the Blu-Ray.  By the way, why are Blu-Rays so hard to find?  It’s 2013, DVDs are obsolete.  Stop selling them.  If he can’t guest star, at least let OJ  manufacture FX Blu-Ray discs in prison.

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Happy Holidays, hope you get some good memorabilia. 

Happy Holidays, hope you get some good memorabilia. 

OJ Simpson FINALLY admits to being guilty…

of speeding 22 years ago. 

This week police pepper sprayed Wall Street protesters, all while refusing to track down the elusive killer of Nicole Brown Simpson or solve the riveting mystery of who killed little Caylee Anthony.

I assume Hank Kingsley would believe that Casey Anthony was innocent like he did with OJ Simpson. 

OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson are both missing gloves. Coincidence? Doubtful.

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