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On the left is the man who played Martin Kernston, the President of The Chamber of Commerce who cuts his own hair on Parks and Recreation, and on the right is a man featured in Gotcha! Magazine because he was arrested for DUI in Richmond, VA.  ARE THEY THE SAME MAN?!

This has been another edition of Are They The Same Man?!

This is what happens when you combine NBC’s terrible Whitney campaign with Parks and Recreation. 

This is what happens when you combine NBC’s terrible Whitney campaign with Parks and Recreation

You’ll get this if you watch Party Down and Parks and Recreation.

You’ll get this if you watch Party Down and Parks and Recreation.

Is Leslie Knope a grown up Lisa Simpson?

After watching entirely too many episodes of Parks and Recreation and The Simpsons, I’ve come to the conclusion that Leslie Knope could be a grown up version of Lisa Simpson.  It’s not too much of a stretch considering that Parks and Recreation is often compared to The Simpsons and that creator Greg Daniels was a producer for The Simpsons.  The characters feature many similarities, like their love of work and their overall do-goodery, among many others. 

Both characters are overly enthusiastic about their work and surrounded by others who are not.  Much like Leslie finds mundane Parks Department assignments to be exciting, Lisa actually enjoys going to school and doing homework. They’re each members of a large amount of organizations and clubs.  Leslie is on the Equal Opportunity Committee, the Fun In The Sun Committee, the Clean Restroom Taskforce, and several other restroom related taskforces, while Lisa is yearbook editor, “Grammar Rodeo Head Buckaroo”, Teacher’s Pet, bathroom timer, started “The French Table”, and various others.  They’re both often made fun of for their enthusiasm toward their work yet it never deters them.

Both Leslie and Lisa have incredible loyalty as well.  Leslie will do just about anything to help her co-workers, for example, taking the blame for shooting Ron Swanson in the head or taking credit for breaking his coffee pot.  Lisa features a similar loyalty to her family.  No matter how big of a doofus Homer is or whatever crazy thing Bart does, at the end of the day, she always ends up on their side. 

Even with many other similarities, what seems most similar is that they are both hard working feminists who want to improve their community.  Lisa is constantly fighting for different political causes and for the advancement of women.  The same could be said for Leslie, who wants to help her town no matter how mean people at the city forum are to her. Like Lisa, Leslie can be seen as a feminist.  Her goal is to be president one day and she even has pictures of many successful women on her desk, like Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, and Janet Reno.  Much like Leslie, Lisa has a large interest in government and successful women.

Parks and Recreation’s Pawnee is often talked of being a live-action Springfield due to  all of it’s similarities like rival towns and strange characters.  Yet, when comparing characters between the two shows, I think it would be hard to find a closer match than Leslie Knope and Lisa Simpson.  Even with all of their differences, like Lisa’s vegetarianism and Leslie’s love of waffles and whipped cream, it’s not hard to imagine Lisa Simpson ending up being a hardworking government employee like Leslie Knope. 

Stuff I Found Funny A Week Ago (3)


  • Louis CK is probably the funniest human alive, and on this radio show he asks Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld if he is a lizard space alien who eats Mexican babies and human flesh.  He does not deny it. (here)
  • This website has a list of every fake movie and TV show from 30 Rock. (here)
  • Eagleheart is definitely one of the craziest shows on TV and one of the funniest. Check out these rejected billboards, some of which are horrible. (here)
  • Comedian Harland Williams brought some absurdity to Conan. (here)
  • Norm MacDonald eats lollipops during radio interviews. (here and here)
  • Patton Oswalt promotes his new book on Craig Ferguson. (here)
  • Speaking of Craig Ferguson, go to this website and you can create a free account and watch his new stand-up movie Does This Need to be Said? (here)
  • Doug Benson had the cast of Parks and Recreation on his podcast. (here)
  • On Late Night Chris Pratt says he was a traveling salesman and lived in a van…but my question is was it down by the river? (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • There’s another article by Tina Fey in The New Yorker, this time about SNL, and now I wish I had a subscription to The New Yorker. (here)
  • Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel are vacation buddies on Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Part 1)
  • I wish I was at SXSW so I could see the new “Mean Conan” documentary Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop. (here)
  • Zach Galifianakis hosting SNL was really good again (here). I liked how they took this "hamburger" catchprase comedian and made this Kings of Catchprase commercial about it.

Stuff I Found Funny a Week Ago

I like funny things and most people like funny things, so here are things I found funny a week ago (or my attempt to make a relevant yet week late post)

Paul Rudd’s awesome Jay Leno impression at Jon Glaser’s book reading (here or here).

Chris Elliott joins the NYPD on Letterman (here).

Chris Elliott and Andy Richter disturbingly watch Skins on Conan (here).

Craig Ferguson on Conan confuses you as to what late night show you’re watching (here).

Aziz Ansari on Late Night (here) after the best episode of Parks and Rec that features Ron Swanson with cornrows (here).

Portlandia's shockingly realistic portrayal of dumpster divers (here).

Dana Carvey emerges from obscurity like Puxsutawney Phil yet is still hilarious (here).

Adam Scott, the funniest comedic actor of 2009/10, on Late Night (here) and also his letter to Entertainment Weekly (here).

The Complete Oral History of Party Down answers every question a person who has seen the show way too many times, like me, could possibly have (here).

Tina Fey’s essay in The New Yorker (here)

The most random hobby you can have: extreme ironing (here).

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