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Stuff I Found Funny A Week Ago (8)

I know your New Year’s resolution was probably to visit my blog more, so I’m bringing back Stuff I Found Funny A Week Ago.”  Well, it’s more like “Stuff I Found Funny Last Year” if you want to get technical about it. 

  • Splitsider recapped 2011’s best humor writing (here).
  • For some reason, Will Ferrell made ads for Old Milwaukee (here).
  • David Wain’s Wainy Days is finally back, and with great guest stars like Ken Marino, Lizzy Caplan, Jorma Taccone, Steven Weber, and Erinn Hayes (here).
  • You can’t complain about Conan not being absurd enough, with The Human Centipede Menorah (here), and Minty The Candy Cane Who Briefly Fell On The Ground (here).  Also, don’t miss Conan give Jon Hamm as a present (here).
  • You should make a tradition of watching the Christmas tradition of Jay Thomas and David Letterman throwing footballs at a meatball tree (here), and Thomas telling Letterman his Lone Ranger story (here).  Then check out Letterman testing out Holiday toys (here).
  • Marc Maron was on Conan (here).  Plus, he’s had a ton of good guests on his podcast lately: Michael Ian Black (here), Donald Glover (here), Merrill Markoe (here), Adam Scott (here).  
  • Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's blog has a post with all of the year's best interviews (here).
  • Seth and Josh Meyers were on Late Night (Part 1, Part 2)
  • A chart of who actually mentions Kwanzaa (here).
  • The voices of Death on Family Guy were together: Norm MacDonald on The Adam Carolla Show (here).
  • Howard Stern drunk dialed his Twitter followers (here).

Stuff I Found Funny A Week Ago (7)

  • Probably the greatest episode of Conan so far, with Will Forte as Ted Turner (here) and Norm MacDonald (Part1, Part2).  Norm was also on Lopez Tonight (here), making it the first time I’ve ever mentioned Lopez Tonight on “Stuff I Found Funny A Week Ago”.
  • It was pretty much an Arrested Development reunion and best episode yet on the series finale of Running Wilde with Jeffrey Tambor, Will Arnett, and David Cross (here).
  • Marc Maron had Garry Shandling (here) and Community’s Dan Harmon (here) on his podcast.  In both episodes he has awkward phone calls with Ray Romano, although I’m pretty sure it’s staged. 
  • Harper’s Magazine has an angry email exchange between Judd Apatow and That 70’s Show's creator from 2001 (here).
  • Conan had an awesome guest line up: Hanz and Franz aka Kevin Nealon (here) and Dana Carvey (here), Jon Hamm (here), and The Hangover’s Zach Galifianakis (here) and Ken Jeong (here).
  • Patton Oswalt was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson for the second time (Part 1, Part 2) while Norm MacDonald was on for the first time, which I’ve been waiting years for (here).
  • Jimmy Fallon promoted Thank You Notes on Howard Stern (here) and The Daily Show (here).
  • Will Ferrell and George Lopez slap each other (here).  Wait…did I just mention Lopez Tonight twice? I don’t even watch that show.
  • Henry Winkler takes you through a day on the set of Children’s Hospital (here).

Stuff I Found Funny A Week Ago (6)

Or a couple of weeks ago…..

  • The trailers for Our Idiot Brother (here), Horrible Bosses (here), and 30 Minutes or Less (here) finally came out.
  • David Letterman and Stephen Colbert had crossover episodes (here)
  • Ricky Gervais was on a couple of shows. (Daily Show & 2, Letterman)
  • Tina Fey was on just about every show possible (Letterman, Ferguson, Conan, Fallon, SNL)
  • Paul Scheer reviewd Fast Five on his podcast How Did This Get Made? and Adam Scott was a guest (here).
  • Judd Apatow was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for their annual Yacht Rock episode (here) and then was on Conan (here) to promote Bridesmaids.
  • It seems like Mindy Kaling is on Craig Ferguson every two weeks but it always ends up being funny (here).
  • In case you live under a rock, Will Ferrell shaved off Conan’s beard (here), then brought back his George Bush (here), went on The Daily Show (here) and Craig Ferguson’s show (here).
  • SNL’s Gilly and Penelope were brutally murdered by their creator, Kristen Wiig.  Can’t say I disagree with it (here).
  • Amy Poehler was on David Koechner’s Always Open (here).
  • I hate the idea of watching Jay Leno but I couldn’t pass up watching Paul Reiser promote his show that NBC had already canceled (here).  Really surprised Leno didn’t do the “Never Believe your Contract” joke for the hundredth time.
  • Bill Murray was on Letterman (here) and Steve Martin was on Conan (here).
  • Happy Endings sounds like a cliche show but it’s definitely not.  It’s got an awesome cast, great guest stars, and is really funny, check it out (Hulu).
  • If you’re made of money, you should donate to help get Mark Duplass and Katie Aselon’s movie (here) and Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael’s movie (here) made.

Stuff I Found Funny A Week Ago (5)

Or a couple weeks ago:

  • Party Down’s Martin Starr and Lizzy Caplan were on Julie Klausner’s The Cat Whisperer (here)
  • Will Forte was back as the angry Ted Turner on Conan (here) and then later Conan threw chairs around (here). They had a ton of good guest on, like Tracy Morgan (here), Danny McBride (here), Colin Quinn and Jack McBrayer (here).
  • Once every few years there’s an awesome week when Norm MacDonald is on everything, that was last week. (Letterman, Stern, Daily Show, Stand Up, Kimmel)
  • Richard Lewis failed to complete a single thought on The Daily Show so they extended his segment on the Internet (Part 1, Part 2).
  • Chris Gethard tracks down and confronts an Internet troll (here).
  • Funny or Die had some good videos like Gilbert Gottfried’s video Too Soon (here) and When Harry Met Sally 2 (here).
  • Community’s Donald Glover was on Late Night (Part 1, Part 2) and The Office’s Ellie Kemper was on Conan (here). 
  • Sarah Silverman was on Conan (here) and on Always Open (here) along with Will Arnett (here).
  • The Artist Formerly Known as Hank Kingsley, Jeffrey Tambor was on Craig Ferguson (Part1, Part 2)
  • Marc Maron did stand-up and sit-down on Craig Ferguson (here) and had Conan O’Brien on his podcast (here).
  • Regis Philbin and David Letterman always make for an entertaining show together (here)
  • SNL writer Colin Jost breaks down his Time Warner cable bill in The New Yorker (here)

Stuff I Found Funny A Week Ago (4)


  • Todd Barry was in the original Black Swan (here)
  • Anthony Jeselnik killed it on The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump (here), while The Situation was literally painful to watch, so much so that Jeffrey Ross had to come to the rescue (here).
  • Give It Up For Greg Giraldo is something people should check out if Comedy Central ever figures out what the Internet is (clips).
  • You can’t ask for more than Fred Willard (here), Kristen Wiig (here), and Adam Scott (here) in the same episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon had Amy Poehler (interview) and Tiger Woods on to play golf (here) (full episode) and then had Howard Stern on later in the week (here).
  • 30 Rock (here) had a reality show episode and like Community, had genocide jokes (here).  Apparently, it was a genocide themed week on the NBC comedies.
  • Parks and Recreation had it’s Harvest Festival episode (here) and they’re going to start having “producer’s cut” episodes avaliable at 2 AM (here).
  • Community’s Ken Jeong, Danny Pudi, and Alison Brie were all on Attack of the Show (here).
  • The legends Alec Baldwin (here) and Steve Martin (here) were on Letterman.
  • Maybe it wasn’t funny since she pulled it off but on Fringe, Anna Torv basically did a Leonard Nimoy impression the whole episode (here).
  • The writers and cast of Bob’s Burgers took over the Videogum blog (here).
  • Craig Ferguson always has entertaining interviews: Seth Rogen (here), Joel McHale (here), Sarah Chalke (here), Tom Lennon (here).

Stuff I Found Funny a Week Ago (2)


Maybe I’ll make this a weekly “feature” on this “blog”, or maybe not.  Anyway, here’s stuff I found funny last week and other stuff not necessarily from last week.

Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh eat snacks on their new podcast “Mike and Tom Eat Snacks” (here)

A coupon website actually exists that is called Jewpon (here)

Michael Showalter does a statistical analysis of nerds from 1984 on Late Night (here)

Just in case you had any doubt that Mike Tyson was insane, he now has a TV show about pigeons. “The first thing I ever loved in my life—the pigeon, they’re so much like people.” (here)

Justin Bieber says that rape happens for a reason, but what does he think about the republican’s “forceable rape” or Whoopi Goldberg’s “rape rape”? (here)

A naked drifter steals sausages from old people (here)*

George Washington was black. (here)

Whoever changed PetsMart to PetSmart must think they’re really clever.**

It surprises me that people are just now realizing that The Office is no longer based in realism.  Even though that bothers me I still thought Threat Level Midnight was pretty good.  Check out this article (here) where the writer says that Roy’s name is Ray and says she didn’t know that Michael Scott had a screenplay yet claims to be capable of reviewing the show.

Andy Richter shoots Watson the supercomputer with a shotgun (here)

Either the worst or the best scene in the history of film: Troll 2 (here)

A classic Late Night with David Letterman clip where his bosses reject his gift basket and handshake (here)

*There’s a joke in there somewhere: naked hobos, sausages, wrinkly old people, etc.

**Apparently I’m six years late noticing this, or at least according to Wikipedia.

Stuff I Found Funny a Week Ago

I like funny things and most people like funny things, so here are things I found funny a week ago (or my attempt to make a relevant yet week late post)

Paul Rudd’s awesome Jay Leno impression at Jon Glaser’s book reading (here or here).

Chris Elliott joins the NYPD on Letterman (here).

Chris Elliott and Andy Richter disturbingly watch Skins on Conan (here).

Craig Ferguson on Conan confuses you as to what late night show you’re watching (here).

Aziz Ansari on Late Night (here) after the best episode of Parks and Rec that features Ron Swanson with cornrows (here).

Portlandia's shockingly realistic portrayal of dumpster divers (here).

Dana Carvey emerges from obscurity like Puxsutawney Phil yet is still hilarious (here).

Adam Scott, the funniest comedic actor of 2009/10, on Late Night (here) and also his letter to Entertainment Weekly (here).

The Complete Oral History of Party Down answers every question a person who has seen the show way too many times, like me, could possibly have (here).

Tina Fey’s essay in The New Yorker (here)

The most random hobby you can have: extreme ironing (here).

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